The world of Arcadia is the one with the largest number of portal connections to Earth.
The people of it are referred to collectively as “fairies,” and they appear in numerous forms.
Arcadia itself is a vast expanse of fertile fields, forests, and mountains. These sprawl out over a great flat surface. Fairies are generally uncivilized with a few exceptions. As such, the land of Arcadia is apparently untouched by development and pollution.

Fairies often enter the world of Earth, and they seem to like it. Most fairies are harmless
and do not engage with humans very much. Some are evil, however, and they will prey upon
humanity, if not dealing death, then at least making curses, causing sorrow, and breaking things.
This fact has caused people to be very wary of any fairies, and many are distrustful of them. Generally, this is not a problem, because most fairies dislike human settlements and stay far off in the wilderness when they come to earth.

Fairies come in a great variety of sizes and physiques. The noble fairies—human-sized
beings of uncanny beauty—of Arcadia are the only truly civilized fairies, having built structures
and such. They seem to be able to command other fairies when they see them, but they do not
have the ability to send out calls for fairies to arrive. Some noble fairies have moved to earth,
but they cannot stand being in large cities or around industrialization for any extended period of time. They prefer secluded manors and estates in a pristine countryside.

The noble fairies are members of several dozen tiny kingdoms, all of which maintain a few enemy kingdoms. As they fight, spy, and behave generally poorly toward each other, the fuzzy borders among these tiny realms constantly shift. Even if one kingdom conquered another, it would soon dissolve into civil war such that there are always between thirty and fifty kingdoms in Arcadia at any given time. After contact with Earth, the situation only got more frenzied. At first, the CIA and the Kremlin treated the many fairy kingdoms as more places for proxy wars. However, it soon became apparent that neither democracy nor communism would ever really take hold with the self-centered noble fairies. Humans and fairies still try to influence each other’s affairs, however, and recently, a trade war has erupted between the West and China in a bid to control more resources in Arcadia.

There is some trade between Earth and Arcadia, but it is limited. In exchange for some
technology and mercenaries, Arcadia offers magical services and devices. There is a thriving
tourism industry in Arcadia, too, since the pristine wilderness is a huge draw for those who wish
to see something untouched by mankind.


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