One part dragon, one part Canadian. All parts badass.


Half Dragon Male

Information 1, Material 1


Left Neighbor (James): Page of Swords (Inv): Male under 30 who is unpredictable, false, and
untrustworthy [Jacob’s character has been the butt of a lot of James’ character’s tricks. Their
relationship is based on escalating trickery and defensiveness.]

Past: Five of Cups: Grief, loss, and disappointment [While you grew up in a wealthy home, the
family fortune began to shrink, and you were left out of your beloved mother’s will. You believe
that this was done by the family lawyer, Bethany Marcus.]

Goal: Judgment: Resolution, reconciliation, new career [You seek to undo the damage wrought
by Bethany Marcus and reclaim your rightful inheritance, if any is left. You believe that you can
turn around your family’s ill fortune.]

Strength: Six of Swords (Inv): Ability; likes challenges; quick thinking [You are a man of skill,
determined to show the world what you can do.]

NPC Relationship: Queen of Swords (Inv): Perfectionist, treacherous gossip who is envious of
you [Bethany Marcus, lawyer with a lot of power in your family]

Flaw: Three of Swords: Failure in love; cruelty and abusiveness [You are not good with
personal interaction, and you are prone to sadism and pettiness.]


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