He looks like dante from clerks


He’s like a crazy dante from clerks.

Shey’s Character- Dante Vasstag
Quarter Fairy Male (Powers to be determined…)
Reflections on the Nature of the Beast, The Meaning of the Twinkling Stars, U.S. Army Tactical Manual, The Making of Magical Artifacts, Arcane Beauty, A Primer on Everyday Magic
Left Neighbor (Anna): Three of Wands: Careful planning leading to entrepreneurship [Your relationship with Anna’s character is mostly business. You are an integral part of the bookstore, providing some sort of assistance that she cannot do on her own.](I am the only one who can keep the pixi with the dragon from ruining the business)
Past: The Moon: Personal ethics tested, thought unclear, fear, paranoia [Becka Larouche has been nothing but trouble for you. During your relationship with her, she led you down a path of danger, and this has influenced you a great deal since then. It’s why you picked up the dark arts, after all.](I was thinking that the book of the dark arts was hers and that I took it being petty after breaking up with her and then the reason I have the Army on is due to my either my parents or elven grand parents co wrote it.)
Goal: The Tower: Get rid of something in the past fiercely to get somewhere useful [You want to get past your darker past, but it’s hard. You’re beginning to think that you have to sever those ties with violence, or at least heavy-handed methods.](I think this would be more he is trying to move on with his life after becka and get rid of the whole book of untold evils)
Strength: Eight of Wands: At a crossroads; quick to action [You have always been quick on your feet, so to say. You’re well-coordinated and pretty good at street-smarts.]
NPC Relationship: Queen of Cups (Inverted) : Selfish, destructive woman who seeks to manipulate and control you; unpredictable, perverse, twisted [Your ex-girlfriend Becka Larouche is a real bitch, but she’s always so tempting. Sure, your relationship with her was always insane, but she had so much to offer: power, drama, and really, really good sex. You want her, but you know you shouldn’t have her. She’s way too bad for you.](All the yes!)
Flaw: The High Priestess (Inverted): Emotionally unstable, conceited, shallow, lustful [You’ve never been good at making the rational choice, and you are not an especially deep thinker. Your feelings keep getting in the way of making good choices.]
I was thinking about him being a kinda quick witted fast talker good at defusing situations who is good with book magic. I’m thinking Dante from clerks if he had the necronomicon.


Dante Vastag, is 20?, works at Books a Billion in Toronto, Canada, and still lives?. He feels that because he owns a gun, he is independent and in control of his life, and yet, he is a push-over who often agrees to work when he doesn’t have to (hence his catch phrase, “I’m not even supposed to be here today!”). He frequently gets into debates ranging from ______ to _____ with his best friend…..?, who works in HR.

Dante is fairly ….. hmmm? He is easily agitated by Dr. Freeman’s actions or behavior, particularly when Dr.Freeman’s actions lead to negative consequences. For example, Dante often scolds Dr. Freeman for hoarding stolen goods.

His life centers around the chaotic events at Books A Billion that Dante must deal with. Among other problems, Dante becomes the target of a gang shooting who pelt him with bullets. A running gag throughout the day is accusing him of being a drug addict.

Dante must also deal with his problematic romantic relationships. He has difficulty dealing with his ex-girlfriend Becka Larouche who is a real bitch, but she’s always so tempting. Sure the relationship with her was always insane, but she had so much to offer: power, drama, and really, really good sex. Dante wants her, but he know he shouldn’t have her. She’s way too bad for him.


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